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La Gomera island

A naturally magical paradise

At Apartamentos Jardín del Conde we encourage you to get to know the island of La Gomera, discover all its secrets and live a unique experience. From the reception of the complex we will help you with everything you need to get to know the most beautiful places on the island:

Valle Gran Rey

The island’s main holiday destination, a treasure in La Gomera. The place where you lose track of time. In Valle Gran Rey you can bathe in the pool in front of the resort, or stroll through the village between the sea and the palm trees. You can contemplate one of the most spectacular ravines in the Canary Islands and much more. The possibilities are endless.

You can try the typical gastronomy of the island in several restaurants perfect for families or couples, such as El Colorado, Paraíso del Mar, La Islita or Restaurante Charco del Conde. You can always relax walking around the village away from the tourist crowds. The tranquillity and peace of the area will make you feel at home.

Charco del Conde, La Gomera, Canary Islands

Garajonay National Park

Biosphere Reserve

One of the most beautiful and symbolic forests in all of Spain, the Garajonay National Park is an obligatory visit for any tourist who comes to La Gomera. A place where fog, rain and sun coexist, creating phenomena such as horizontal rain, which creates landscapes known as the Canary Island laurisilva. Humid and cool places that will make you feel for moments in a jungle where you will find a large number of endemic species and geological monuments Los Roques where you can take fantastic photographs.

Harmless but intriguing, you can live a unique experience getting lost in the Cedar Forest, and enjoy a luxury such as the laurel forest, a type of forest that very few can enjoy as it is practically non-existent in the world. Get to know plant species such as the faya, the viñátigo, the lime tree, the wild olive tree, the strawberry tree, etc. A place where you will feel like you are in another world.

This natural treasure extends over 4,000 hectares around the centre of the island, so access is very easy as it has multiple entrances. We recommend the use of specific clothing and footwear for trails and long walks.

Garajonay tale, the scene of a love story

Because of this mountain (a story is told) there is a legend that gives the Garajonay National Park its name. The main characters are Gara, a young daughter of the King of La Gomera, and Jonay, the prince of a kingdom in the south of the island. Both secretly fell in love with each other in what seemed to be an impossible love, as the young woman, by obligation of her father, had to marry the son of another King so that their union would bring even more power to her father.

Despite his wishes, Gara continued to see the boy with whom she fell in love at first sight while he slept by the seashore. A mutual and public love until her father forbade it, forcing her to run to the beach to tell Jonay of her intentions, who devised a plan to escape to Tenerife. However, in his escape attempt he had to face the warriors and the princess’s suitor. The brave warrior ended up winning, but when they saw that reinforcements were arriving, they decided to flee to the mountains.

Seeing that their love was impossible, both decided to throw themselves from the highest rock. Preferring to die together rather than live. That is why the Natural Park was given the name Garajonay for posterity.

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